100 Word Challenge # 6 Peter Pan

Once upon a time I was AWESOME!!!! First off I can fly. Yep. deal with it suckers. You can dream. Never gonna happen. Second I never get old, no wrinkles! Just young. beautiful. So you're probably wondering why me and Wendy aren’t exactly hitting off. That girl ain’t got no respect! I guess where she comes from nobody ain’t there to go on an awesome treasure hunt with her so when I got mixed up by accidentally reading the map upside down, guess what she said; “The chest is empty! what a surprize!” In sarcastic tone. Where she come from all they do is go to Starbucks!
Lucia hated to wake up early but there was a big banging at her window she snuggled into her slippers and hurried to the window she wanted to scream! It was a 7 in the morning on a weekend!!!! 😠 She watch as everyone woke up around her house they all watched this weird construction guy banging at something suddenly… #hisbigredladderfelldown!!!!! And… #hefellontosomewetpavement!!! Ouch!!! Then… coins spilled out of his pocket #moneyloss!!! He stood up bruised, covered in cement and watched his coins and money not to mention his wallet which contains drivers license  sinking down, down,down,  

100 word challenge round 4 The vinegar is too sharp!!!

“ I double dog ditch dare you to jump the fence!” said Cole “That’s easy, but only if you do it too” Andrew shot back. The class of 5B was having an extra recess and they were all hanging out together and doing dares everyone watched as Cole and Andrew ran towards the fence “One, Two, Three!” Grasping the railing they pulled themselves up and jumped the fence, “Boys” Ms. Michal called. “Inside Now!” Bye bye Andrew and Cole. “I dare you to run around screaming I’m a chicken! Buk Buk Buk!” Lucia said to Ale. “OK why not” “BUK BUK BUK HI GUYS I’M A CHICKEN!!!!!” “Hey Lucia” Ale said I dare you to eat a spoonful of the apple cider vinegar my Dad packed me for lunch” “OK where is it?” On the bench the class watched as Lucia choked down a spoonful of it, “The vinegar is sharp” Lucia choked out. And it tastes awful!

5b's very!!!! out of tune day 100wc # 2

Once upon a time, the class of 5B was sitting bored in their seats, It was a Monday. In the middle of summer and the air conditioners were broken! Ms Modica wasn't here because she’d broken her leg. And Mrs.Barnes was worrying because the coffee maker in the teachers lounge was broken. Suddenly a new teacher popped her head in the classroom she had big dangly earrings and purple glitter eyeshadow, green lipstick and the biggest buck teeth you ever did see! “Hee haw class! Hooody doing! Me izz Mzz. Babakanooosh”! “Comin’ along for som’ musical fun!! Everyone kickety over here”! 5B was very very terrified!!! It’s not every day that a very out of tune lady named M.zz Babakanoosh comes in the classroom saying “Hoody.”

texting people 100 word challenge # 3

OMG Hey sister!                                  did likE u watch Americas got talent last night


Uh my bff bro!                               OMG I JUST STEPPED ON A DEAD RAT!!!!

Random Stuff That You Can Do

So, Hi Guys... Do ya know when you can do the weirdest stuff ever? 😕 No? Well erm.. awkward. I do weird stuffs like dance around (privately) pretending I'm on AMG (America's Got Talent.) Or pretending to type on a plastic Barbie computer that I got 2 years ago and still keep because I like the way it sounds. But the weirdest possible thing is that sometimes I choke on air. I mean WHAT!!!!! I've seen videos on YouTube about people who sleep eat!! And I can choke on air!!! Your probably thinking "Well Lucia, that's kinda stupid isn't air the stuff that allows you not to choke or whatever?" And yes, your right, perfectly right. Show me the weird stuff you can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have a quirky qualities? I know I have plenty, much more than I want to have but okay, lets get serious I will share one of my quirky qualities and you can share one of yours in a email but don't do something to obvious (trust me everyone sings in the shower) and don't make it to personal (seriously I don't want to know if you bite your toenails no one does cuz it's totally gross.) Just remember, I will not judge you for being unique or weird or quirky or whatever you want to call it. Okay ready? Here's my quirky quality I rehearse what I say before I say it. I know, weird right? Ok so whats yours
? Email me esap!